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Lewis Crouch

Specialist MSK Physiotherapist & Clinical Director
Specialist Interests
Sports Injuries, Post-Op Rehab, Pain Management
A Fact About Me
I underwent seven foot surgery’s before the age of five due to a foot deformity known as Bilateral Tapiles.

A Bit About Me

Clinical director and specialist musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapist Lewis Crouch is passionate about helping others to achieve their personal goals.

Having graduated from the prestigious University of Nottingham with a first class honours degree in BSc Physiotherapy, Lewis has extensive experience in treating a various range of patients in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Most of Lewis’ experience has been gained from working in private practice with some of London’s best practitioners, consultants & surgeons. Over the years, Lewis has built excellent relationships & therefore referral pathways with some of London’s top consultants and surgeons.

Lewis also has physiotherapy experience in elite sport, having held positions at a number of professional and semi-professional sports clubs in football & rugby. Previous clubs include Alfreton Town FC, Nottingham Rugby RFC & most recently, Wingate & Finchley FC where he held the position of their First Team Physiotherapist. Having participated in team sports at a high level growing up & experiencing injuries because of this, Lewis understands the physical & psychological battles associated with sports injuries, which is reflected in his great treatment outcomes.

Lewis’ extensive background in mental health allows him to effectively adopt a ‘biopsychosocial’ approach and consider the whole individual’s needs when devising a treatment plan; a fundamental element in patient centred care. This, alongside Lewis’ experience in elite sport has allowed Lewis to productively treat an extensive variety of clients.

With a specialist interest in pain management, Lewis thrives on using a variety of treatment techniques to reduce a client’s pain in the shortest time possible. Treatment options may include, but are not limited to: soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, neck/back manipulations (with audible cracks), cupping therapy, kinesio taping and exercise rehabilitation alongside expert advice and education. Lewis tailors his treatment variations to the needs of the client to enhance movement, build strength and reduce pain.


Here at Crouch Physio, we offer the highest level of support to all of our clients. This includes being able to text or email any of our specialists between appointments.
We offer this high level support because we have seen that this drastically reduces expected recovery time for our clients which allows them to get back to normal activities quicker.


Here at Crouch Physio, we will make sure to educate each and every single one of our clients on their diagnosis and how to best manage when away from the clinic setting. ⁣
We do this because education has been consistently shown across literature to be one of the most important factors for a quick and efficient recovery.
So don’t just expect to come into our clinic and receive ONLY manual based treatments. Although we do offer great symptom relieving treatments, evidence shows that its effectiveness increases with good patient education.
We make sure we educate because we have seen that this drastically reduces expected recovery times for our clients which allows them to get back to normal activities quicker.


Here at Crouch Physio, we don’t do guesswork. We use the latest technology to provide us clinicians with numerical objective data which allows us to apply the correct interventions at the right time.
Objectively assessing outcome measures also gives our patients confidence that they are improving under our care, as well as allowing them to monitor their own progress.
So whether you’re an active person trying to get stronger or a sedentary individual suffering pain/stiffness, you will know that your condition is improving with our specialist assessment tools.


Here at Crouch Physio, we have access to the very best rehabilitation amenities, the same facilities used by premier league football players and other elite athletes.
Unlike most Physiotherapy clinics, our clients will split their time with their physio between the clinic room, gym area and our upstairs studio where you’ll find our VALD performance force-plates, allowing for a more in-depth assessment and individualised plans.
Upon your initial consultation with us, we will likely use the latest technology to obtain as much baseline data as we can, which allows our physiotherapists to make smarter/more informed decisions around client care.
Our world class facilities allow for us to safely and gradually phase our clients back to their baseline level of physical activity before injury.